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From Scipio Africanus who combined apparent mysticism with iron determination, to Caesar, the aggressive and charismatic aristocrat, Goldsworthy looks at Rome's greatest generals and how and why they won their victories. He tells the story of Roman warfare from the bitter struggle with Carthage and the brilliant Hannibal in the 3rd century BC, to the last desperate attempt to win back the Western Empire in the 6th century AD. He traces the evolution of the Roman Army and the Roman political system which directed it and we meet the conqueror of Macedonia Aemilius Paullus, read about the fall of Numantia, about Caius Marius, Sertorius and the Civil War, Pompey the Great, Caesar in Gaul, Caesar against Pompey, the Imperial 'Prince' Germanicus beyond the Rhine, the Imperial Legate Corbulo and Armenia, Titus and the Siege of Jerusalem, Trajan and the Dacian Wars, Julian in Gaul AD356-60 and Belisarius and the Persians. With 15 maps and diagrams, 480pp in paperback reprint of the 2003 original.

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