ZEN CHANTS: Thirty-Five Essential Texts with Commentary

ZEN CHANTS: Thirty-Five Essential Texts with Commentary

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A Zen chant is like a compass that sets us in the direction of the awakened life. It is the dynamic, audible counterpart to the silent practice of Zazen or sitting meditation, and it is a powerful expression of the fact that practice happens in community. This is a concise guide to Zen chants for practitioners and all who appreciate the beauty and profundity of the poetry in dharma. There are fresh and carefully considered translations and adaptations. The recitation of chants both during a meditation gathering and outside it, represents the aspiration, vows, realisation and commitments of Zen practitioners accessing the spirit of Zen and gaining insight. The photography on this book suggests diverse settings for meditation and chanting, in sitting postures, walking meditation, ceremonies, services as well as during mindful working, eating and daily activities. The text is interesting for reading instead of the usual chanting order and the chants are divided in four parts: Daily Chants, Chants for Events, Enlightenment Poems and Chants for Study. Zen has a history of about 1500 years, but some of the Buddhist chants represented here emerged over 2000 years ago. Since most of the texts included in the book are derived from China, the author presents the Chinese ideographic versions of them in the Texts Illuminated part. 189pp, softback. A Shambhala publication.
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