GREAT WORKS: Encounters with Art

GREAT WORKS: Encounters with Art

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'Glover is a rare critic who invites us to join him in solving the riddle that every great work of art represents.' - James Bradburne. Glover is a London-based poet, art critic, fiction writer and magazine editor, and for the best part of a decade thousands of readers have been turning to the British newspaper The Independent to read his thoughts about the world's great works of art. Pithy, astute, often humorous and always engaging, his fascinating articles are packed with compelling and entertaining observations and trenchant commentary about art, history and culture, and are always filled with a deep and poetic humanity. The artworks which elicit his immediate and visceral responses cover an enormous span of eras and styles, from Rembrandt's Bathsheba with King David's Letter, and El Greco's The Vision of St. John to Ai Weiwei's Iron Tree and Georgia O'Keeffe's Single Lily with Red, Traveller Above the Mists by Casper David Friedrich with a gentleman gazing out over a misty landscape, viewed from the back, and the macabre Dead Girl of 2002 by Marlene Dumas which we want to turn 90 degrees to set the image upright in this brutal act of painterly observation which both moves and horrifies. This heavyweight beautiful publication is a collection of 50 short essays, some written exclusively for the book, each accompanied by illustrations of the work in focus with insight into three millennia of art whether it is the mature Vermeer, the exhilarating Manet's The Execution of Emperor Maximillian, the use of colour by the Surrealist Léonor Fini, the tweaking of the tender nipple, the unsurpassed ordinariness of the courtyard of a house in Delft or the dispassionate act of pure vengeance by Artemisia Gentileschi whom we learn was raped herself. Each artwork has approximately two to three erudite pages of fine explanations. 272 very large pages, colour illus, page marker. A fine Prestel art publication.
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