OUR RAINBOW QUEEN: A Tribute to Elizabeth II

OUR RAINBOW QUEEN: A Tribute to Elizabeth II

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A late dear friend of our editor Annie was fellow Royal Warrant grantee Karl Ludwig-Rehse, a German fashion designer and one of three tailors to Her Majesty who claimed to have invented the idea of dressing the Queen in the brightest colours in order to be seen better during her royal engagements. At international events, Her Majesty chooses colours that imply no allegiance to a single flag. She wears a single corrective shoulder pad because she believes the monarch should stand straight before her subjects. Everything must be hemmed with curtain weights to avoid the vulgarity and humiliation of up-skirting or accidents with the wind. Royal Warrants are for key designers, retailers and other fashion and beauty houses who can apply for an entitlement to display the royal arms on their shop fronts, websites and marketing materials after they have supplied services for at least five years out of the last seven. There is Cornelia James who provides the white cotton day glove and nylon evening gloves the Queen changes several times a day when on duty, to the brilliantly named Corgi Socks, and of course traditional Yardley, Floris and Launer, makers of some 200 of the Queen's handbags. The Queens love of 'colour blocking', the wearing of a single colour outfit is seen throughout this book. Trousers have not made a single official appearance since 1970 and her current official dresser, Angela Kelly, downplays her role, but her influence and expertise is huge. She selects, maintains and archives the Queens clothing, shoes and accessories, even designing and making much of it herself. Our Rainbow Queen is grouped in this fashion show under the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, neutrals and print such as the Harlequin diamond sequins and yellow stripes for the Royal Variety Performance in 1999. From a child through to her nineties, this is a superb gallery, a very stylish royal, evoking many family memories and tours as described in the extended captions. Colour!
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