FREDERIC CHURCH: A Painter's Pilgrimage

FREDERIC CHURCH: A Painter's Pilgrimage

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A beautiful overview of fascinating paintings of the classical world and holy land by a beloved American artist. Frederic Church (1826-1900), was of the Hudson River School who journeyed around the globe to find fresh inspiration for his highly detailed compositions. Among his lesser known masterpieces are his paintings of the Middle East, Italy and Greece produced in the late 1860s to the late 1870s, which explore themes of human history and achievement. Taking a closer look at this geographical and thematic shift the book brings together paintings of Athens, Rome, Jerusalem and the surrounding region. The essays concentrate on a set of six major paintings of architectural and archaeological marvels, one also spotlighting Olana, Church's home in New York State, which reflects the influence of Middle Eastern design. The big swirling brush strokes in the foreground depicting the windmill and grasslands at the foot of the hilly climb to the Parthenon, the red flecks in the foreground denoting colourful flowers, a tall sweeping upright Cypress trees, the overall effect is of heat and scale. We set sail with Church on a steamship bound for Alexandria in Egypt from New York in November 1867 via Beirut. The Arch of Titus, Evening on the Sea, Ruins of St, George Church Lydda, Parade Entering the City of Jaffa, A Distant View of Damascus in Syria, Mount Lebanon (in brush and oil on cardboard), olive trees in Athens, rooftops at sunset from the Pincio in Rome, there are also depictions of his landscapes of American creeks and mother and child from The Deluge, and astonishing waterfalls. But it is the pictures of the Holy Land which could rival those of David Roberts which are new to our eyes here on the editorial team at Bibliophile. We pass with him through Bethlehem, Hebron, the great Petra, Beersheba and Gaza before reaching Jaffa. The landscapes are extraordinary whether depicted in charcoal, pencil, oil or graphite. The depictions of the Bedouin people in their colourful dress are particularly arresting. The oil on canvas of The Parthenon catalogue reference 47 and page 141 is almost photographic in its detail and quality. Colour illustrations throughout, a Yale University Press publication, 28 x 26.6cm, softback.
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