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Flight Through the Ages was the title of the first annual exhibition of The Guild of Aviation Artists in 1971. This book celebrates 50 years of exhibitions and reproduces paintings by 100 artists past and present. Balloons, airships, First World War aircraft, the 20s and 30s, the Second World War, the jet age and the Cold War, a new millennium, air shows, civil aviation, rotary-winged aircraft, gliding, museums, portraits and producing an aviation painting are the contents of this magnificent 2020 publication. There are fighters and bombers including Spitfires and Lancasters by Frank Wootton, the Wright Biplane of 1908 featuring the backs of brightly dressed Victorian onlookers, a watercolour of Lee-Richards Annular Biplane with its circular wings and wooden frame, zeppelins and airships and seaplanes to military planes in combat like the Sopwith Camels and de Havilland DH9, often exquisitely rendered in aerial scenes of beautiful skies or over the sea. The Tigermoth and more colourful departures, sunsets and Cobham's triumphant return over Westminster Bridge, world speed records and more come-fly-with-me advertising fills the pages as 1920s and 30s travellers take off to foreign places like Egypt. Watercolours, oils, military life, the officers' mess, Gibraltar under spotlights, Spitfires over the Tower of London, the birth of the modern era sees the magnificent sleek silver flying machines like the Vickers Valiant prototype of 1951, the Victor Tanker XM715 at RAF Marham, the Tornado GR4, Typhoons to Concorde. This review is dedicated to Captain Mark Grigg who we know will adore this collection. Full page colour images on glossy paper with captions, 200 images from some of the most well-known British artists of their day displaying the imagination and creativity in a variety of styles and treatments that bring these flying machines to life and also some of the aviators and others from the world of aviation. 218 very large pages on landscape format.
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