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With so many electronic devices around us like your mobile phone and iPad, often your handwriting can look like a chicken scratch. If you want to look at your to-do list, take three extra minutes to write it beautifully. To make your friends feel special, send them a handwritten letter with their names beautifully drawn on the envelope. When you physically write rather than type on a keyboard, we can create something beautiful and with practice our brains become more activated. The book shows how to make the act of handwriting a treat as we let artist and hand letterer Erica Tighe walk us through the anatomy of each letter of the alphabet and the proper tools needed to write beautifully. Practice quotes, learn basic terminology and anatomy of type, practice the downstroke, spacing, sizing, types of lined paper and learn the types of fonts, sans serif and bold serif and script, and master faux calligraphy. Get playful, learn alphabets, mix lettering styles and graphic text, write your letters with a pencil and trace around them with a pen, then erase the pencil mark to leave an outline lettering. All sorts of shapes and banners, to close the book are 50 writing prompts beginning with 20 things that you love about yourself or writing out the recipe of your favourite home-cooked meal. 160 big glamorous pages, colour photos and hundreds of examples through step-by-step guides, use the motifs from the colouring pages for your inspiration. 160 high quality uncoated paper stock pages.
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ISBN 9780785838227
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