HOLLAND ON PAPER: In the Age of Art Nouveau

HOLLAND ON PAPER: In the Age of Art Nouveau

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In the early 1890s, many progressive Dutch visual artists made a conscious effort to break with the past. This special selection of Dutch works on paper from 1890-1920 comprises many and diverse artistic strands, from international Art Nouveau to persistent Realist trends, to the emergence of Modernism. Art Nouveau itself like all style concepts can be elusive and hard to define, but one way to approach the New Art is by exploring one of the most famous, even notorious, Dutch images on paper from the period, Jan Toorop's Delft Salad Oil poster of 1894, which came to be known as the Slaolie style. It is instantly recognisable because of its bold, eye-catching modern style in bright yellow with black outline for the two female figures' flowing hair. Two willowy women with cool, crisply defined, mask-like features, dressed in flowing art gowns with contrasting floral patterns and enormous puffed sleeves, the seated woman elegantly drizzles oil over enormous lettuce leaves. The artwork flows with a sinuous Art Nouveau rhythm with their alluring hair in the spirit of the earlier English pre-Raphaelite artists. This image is used to decorate this Museum of Fine Arts Boston 2014 first edition publication. The book is the first to celebrate the movement through 100 works on paper - posters, decorative calendars, illustrated books, prints and drawings including Belgian Refugees 1914, The Pharisees 1905, colour lithographs like Migratory Birds on a Moonlit Night 1907 or an image from The Ugly Duckling 1893. There are birds and flowers, farmyard animals and flamingos and owls and five Angora rabbits and two white egrets from the bookplate section alone. 256 magnificent pages, 24.6 x 27cm, hundreds of illus., colour.
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