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Sub-titled 'Sculpting with Colour In Renaissance Florence', the glazed terracotta technique invented by Luca Della Robbia, along with his exceptional skill as a sculptor, placed him firmly in the first rank of Renaissance artists in the 15th century. This quintessentially Florentine art, taking the form of dazzling multicoloured ornaments for major buildings of the city, delicately modelled and ingeniously constructed free-standing statues, serene blue-and-white devotional reliefs for domestic use, charming portraits of children and commanding busts of rulers along with decorative and liturgical objects - flowed in abundance from the workshops for a hundred years. Passed down to family members and associated workshops and developed further by each generation, the closely held technique achieved new heights of refinement and durability in modelling and colour, praised for combining elements of painting and sculpture into a new medium. Important patrons from the Medici family to the French Court enhanced the company's reputation which in turn inspired imitation by rival artists. The works were brought into major collections beyond Italy, particularly in England and the US and sparked the rediscovery of the technique by Italian ceramic workshops. The beautiful, rare US art exhibition catalogue features 130 colour illustrations with close ups on for example the eyes of a Madonna showing careful control of the outlines and light washes, in a Materials and Technique section. At the South Kensington Museum, John Robinson installed Della Robbias with Italian Renaissance Maiolica, placing the sculpture in a context in which its colour would be appreciated. Here are ornamental vases in bright blue, panels from a baptismal font, the extraordinary 3D effect of the Lamentation of Christ from about 1515, the pale body of Jesus prone on the knees of the mourning angels, the crown of thorns placed on his head to mock him now hanging from the cross on which he died. 2016 Museum of Fine Arts Boston publication, 176 very large pages, hundreds of colour illus., many full page.
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