ARABIC SCRIPT: Styles Variants and Calligraphic Adaptations

Book number: 91322 Product format: Paperback Author: GABRIEL MANDEL KHAN

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The exquisite calligraphy and letters of the Arabic alphabet are explained in this thorough and illuminating guide. Writing styles and the alphabet presents an understanding of a culture and civilisation that throughout the centuries has been linked to the secular and religious worlds of Islam. One of the world's major forms of writing, it is also the language of the Qur'an and in the very first verse, reading and writing with the calamus or reed pen are praised as the source of all knowledge, and all spiritual or scientific paths of change. From this text has developed a reverence for books and a love of writing. In this intriguing book the history and meaning of each letter of the alphabet is given as well as its cultural, religious and philosophical significance. There are some 300 two-colour (green and black) and black and white pictures of the letters, their variants, and calligraphic adaptations, showing that Arabic script is both and art form and a means of communication. For linguists, graphic designers, collectors of Islamic art and also a handy reference for travellers wishing to become familiar with the rudiments of the alphabet. 180pp, large softback, illus.

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ISBN 9780789208798

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