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John Godfrey Parry Thomas (J. G. Thomas) set numerous records across his extraordinary motor career, achieving a speed of more than 170 mph in 1926 in his 27-litre Liberty engine powered Higham 'Special' - which he named Babs - while attempting to break the land speed record. In fact, on that occasion, he broke rival Colin Campbell's record by almost 20mph. Born in April 1884 and son of a curate in Welsh Rhosddu, Thomas is celebrated in history for becoming a racer and designer in the world of high-speed motor cars. However, it was during this racing that Thomas tragically died in his beloved Babs. Before his racing days, Thomas worked at Leyland Motors Ltd. for several years first as an experimental engineer and later as chief engineer, and his genius in the world of engineering is described through his many creations, including the Thomas Transmission, an electro-mechanical transmission design to improve the crude gearboxes which were used in 1907. Learn that it was at the end of 1921 that Thomas persuaded the Leyland directors (with great difficulty) that he might enter a Leyland Eight car for an Easter Monday Meeting at Brooklands in 1922. Gain insight into the inner workings of Thomas' mind, how he was superstitious enough to avoid racing on Fridays but was unphased by races on the 13th as a date. Experience the adrenaline of the ambitious driver between 1922 and 1926 as he began to break records, specifically on Tuesday 27th April in 1926 when Thomas and Babs took to the Welsh sand at Pendine and charged to a stupendous world record of 170mph. Amusingly, Babs had to be kept moving during all of the runs at that meeting, up until the car was safely on the boards from which it had to start, and Thomas had to keep up the air pressure in the petrol tank with a hand pump and manage the 'snaking' movement of the car. Read about the fatal final run that Thomas did, also at Pendine, where he raced Babs on 3rd March 1927, despite still recovering from a bout of influenza, and crashed in a haze of sea spray, sand and car exhaust. The historical account also includes brilliant pictures such as a photo of Babs in her first form with a rounded tail and a snapshot of Thomas scrutinising Captain J.E.P. Howey who made adjustments to the Leyland car at Brooklands in 1923. Black and white images, 182pp.
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