DRAWN FROM LIFE: Selected Essays of Michel de Montaigne

DRAWN FROM LIFE: Selected Essays of Michel de Montaigne

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A new selection of Montaigne's most resonant essays translated by Michael Screech, Michel de Montaigne is one of the founding fathers of the essay. Retreating to his chateau to write and often neglecting his estate duties, he pondered the great and small questions of life and through his essays and attempted to reach a deeper understanding of himself, and in doing so touches on the greater human condition. In 1571 shortly after a near-death experience, he retired to a room in his tower where 'In calm and freedom from all cares' he began to write his famous essays. These 'whimsies' are intimate, revelatory and explore themes of fear and courage, mortality and personal freedom. He sought to liberate the individual from the pressure of social custom - ideas considered so dangerous that his books were banned by the Vatican for nearly two centuries. Always curious, he ponders subjects as diverse as education, fear, reading and death and his ideas and the charm of his writing continues to captivate modern readers. First edition, 210pp, glamorous sky-blue clothbound hardback with scarlet pagemarker. 186pp.
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