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Chickenhawk contains the most vivid, astoundingly detailed descriptions of flying ever written. Robert Mason's war was supposed to bring the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese to their knees in short order. That it didn't is now part of history and for men like Robert Mason the futility, the senseless destruction it caused to an ancient society, left scars that will never heal. This stomach-turning account shows men at war, courage and cowardice, boredom and exhilaration, lasting friendships and sudden death. It was first published in 1983 and now in a new paperback facsimile reprint, the first British publication described as 'the best book to come out of Vietnam.' As a child, Robert Mason dreamed of levitating. As a young man he dreamed of flying helicopters, and the US Army gave him his chance. They sent him to Vietnam where, between August 1965 and July 1966, he flew more than 1,000 assault missions. From his bird's eye view of that war and all its horror, Mason experiences the accelerating terror, the increasingly desperate courage of a man 'acting out the role of a hero long after he realises that the conduct of the war is insane'. A bloody, painfully honest and courageous book by the pilot of the Huey helicopter, shown in a superb cross section with 31 items marked, there are also maps in this 399 page paperback.
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