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Sub-titled 'The School Summer Holidays 1930-1980' we hear the final clanging of the bell and scream out loud 'school's out!' When the summer term ends and you walk through the gates into freedom, we experienced some of the most sublime moments of childhood. But what happened when you arrived home? How did you spend the long balmy weeks of unscheduled time? How did those summer months away from school shape the person you are today? That is what Ysenda sets out to discover and with her acute ear for the hilarious and the poignant, she reveals how we were up to 1980, the year when the first computer games began to change children's lives, how families functioned or sometimes didn't. It was an era when expensive entertainments weren't laid on, parents didn't hover, and children, needing to fend off boredom, had to make their own adventures or daydream for hours on end in the back garden or in the local streets, fields and meadows. If you were lucky you went away on holiday, usually not abroad but to the British seaside, bringing thermos flasks and threadbare towels in a car foggy with cigarette smoke, squished in with too many family members. There were days with siblings and cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles, courses and camps, heavy wheel-less suitcases and a generation of fathers who said, 'here - let me carry them both'. The whole country was crawling with loose children. It was a time to lose track of time, to sit at the piano, or read through a whole adult library, or work out guitar chords, or write a first novel on lined paper, or build something, or dam something, or play with a bat and ball, for days and weeks on end. Immerse yourself with that glorious prospect and enjoy the nostalgia of the many real life interviews. Nostalgic photos of Victorian looking grandmas and young people in a dormitory in 1977 etc. 337pp.
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