BABY LOVE: In Adoration of Babies

BABY LOVE: In Adoration of Babies

RACHAEL HALE    Book Number: 90830    Product format: Hardback

With their perfect soft skin, huge shiny eyes often staring directly at the camera, sweet smiles, chubby cheeks and limbs, here are babies in all manner of poses like lying across a teddy, licking a spoon, in soapy suds in a bath, a little girl in a purple ballerina outfit sticking her finger up her nose, others swaddled in blankets, posed on beautiful bedding or couches or pillows, holding a flower or surrounded by petals. There are sweet quotes from authors like Deepak Chopra: 'It is the nature of babies to be in bliss.' There is a rockabye baby lullaby, bath time swimming lessons, toy time and splish splash, interesting facts about twins, a list of famous fairy tales, a short poem from William Blake, and even specific instruction for how to swaddle a baby correctly and put on a real towelling nappy. Several of these exquisitely cute photographs are in gatefold pages, and all the other approximate 100 examples are full page, close up and colour. The babies range in age from Belle of two weeks to Finn who is 364 days old. A little in the style of Anne Geddes but less kitsch and more natural, there are a few brown babies included and of course all have cute tootsies and squidgy fingers and you just want to pick them up and hug them. An affectionate miscellany by acclaimed photographer Rachael Hale, it is the ultimate gift for new parents, grandparents and those who adore babies. 160pp, 23 x 26.8cm.
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ISBN 9781742113364
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