MONTY PYTHON SPEAKS! Revised and Updated Edition

MONTY PYTHON SPEAKS! Revised and Updated Edition

DAVID MORGAN    Book Number: 90823    Product format: Paperback

With their dead parrots, holy grails and spam, Monty Python revolutionised comedy for the rest of the world and ushered in a new brand of surrealist comedy - a stream-of-consciousness sketch show that pushed the boundaries of format, style and content. David Morgan exclusively interviewed the entire world of Python from the founding members to the producers and collaborators like Douglas Adams of Hitchhikers Guide fame and Hank Azaria to create the ultimate record of Britain's most rebellious and successful comedy act. Packed with rare and never-before-seen photographs and told with the group's customary wit and irreverence, this is sub-titled 'The Complete Oral History'. Michael Palin said 'Some people think it's very clever and intelligent, some people say it's extremely silly and inconsequential, but not many people ignore it.' Chapters include Fear and Loathing at the BBC, Life of Brian, The Meaning of Life, Le Morte D'Arthur and The 'If you could only save one thing you produced' Chapter, Spamalot and Exiting the Stage. We get deep inside into the personalities behind these creations like Terry Jones?s commitment and sheer mental energy, the most positive of the group who cared about how the show looked and was a real perfectionist. In their own words, you get almost a conversation as they reflect on their body of work and insert sage little quotes such as 'History is written by the winners.' A phenomenal last word. 409pp, paperback, illus.
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