JOANNA OF FLANDERS: Heroine and Exile

JOANNA OF FLANDERS: Heroine and Exile

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Joanna of Flanders, Countess of Montfort and Richmond, Duchess of Brittany was in her time the heroine of Hennebont, the pivotal siege during the first half of the Breton Civil War (1341-1365) that prevented the French from taking over Brittany and routing the English early in the Hundred Years' War (1337-1453). That was no small feat for anyone, especially a 14th century woman known to 'possess the courage of a man and the heart of a lion'. She marshalled men and resources and during her husband's imprisonment kept Brittany from falling to the troops of Charles de Blois, Jeanne de Penthièvre's husband. Joanna rallied the pro-English Montfortist faction and secured the safety of his heirs in England with the aid of Edward III. As wife of the late Duke John de Montfort, her rightful place was in Brittany as Regent of the Duchy for her five year old son and heir John. With her children she accompanied Edward III to England in February 1343 and never departed. She resided in comfortable obscurity at Tickhill Castle in Yorkshire until her death around 1374. What happened to her and why? Her extended absence should have provoked more suspicion, but it did not. Edward III certainly orchestrated her relocation from London to Yorkshire and sanctioned her indefinite detention. Delving deeper into her story the answers to these two questions explore the complexities of medieval social structures, notably in the care of the vulnerable, and the custody of women. The 19th century Breton historian de la Borderie asked if Joanna's 'many tests had reversed her intelligence and thrown her into the abyss of madness'. This position is accepted by many modern historians, but not by Julie Sarpy. 283pp, eight pages of colour illus, family trees and maps.
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