COUNTRY DOCTOR: A Lifetime in General Practice

COUNTRY DOCTOR: A Lifetime in General Practice

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'This account of my working life as a family doctor goes back to the beginning of Aneurin Bevan's National Health Service that started in 1948. I qualified in January 1950 and at the time, like most young doctors going into General Practice, we progressed at once from being slightly irresponsible medical students, overnight into staid, duly qualified and responsible medics! I have tried to portray the humour and the tragedy that go together when encountering family problems. All the stories are drawn from real consultations; but names and places are hidden for reason of confidentiality. I have tied to show how medical management and treatment of patients at home has changed from being what we were always told was more of an art to becoming a science.' Brian Frost-Smith and his wife Marjorie were medical students and worked together for almost 67 years until her death in November 2016. They qualified at the Welsh National School of Medicine and for the last six months of his course, Brian worked as a junior house doctor on a surgical ward at Walton Hospital in Liverpool. Discover on his first day learning what 'a cut down' is (finding a suitable vein in which to insert a needle) like just above the ankle and memories of Uncle Tom watching the pig being killed on the farm. And down to the nitty gritty of a Chinese patient with abdominal pain, dry tongue, vomiting faecal material. We follow the kindly author through 250 pages, archive family photos.
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