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A glamorous Bodleian Library publication with many colour plates written by the historian with a special interest in social history and literary geography. Uniting this love with her love of the Thames, Hardyment's book celebrates the river's long literary tradition resurrecting little-known gems and recommending the best of the prose and poetry that pay it homage. She has chosen seven groupings in her Liquid History where history is made and written about, Topographers and Tourists, Home Tourists, Writers' Retreats and Messing About In Boats record the picturesque river, those who have found literary inspiration in living beside it and woven it into their books, or the various ways people have escaped from everyday life on its waters. Dead in the Water is a sombre story of those who came to grief in its waters both in fact and fiction and Rhyming the River offers verses galore, both inspired and absurd. Here is Robert Gibbings, Julius Caesar's crossing in 55BCE, Elizabeth I's stand against the Spanish at Tilbury, Thomas More, Alexander Pope, Henry James and William Morris, William Hogarth's impulsive five-day river trip with four inebriated friends, and satirical novels such a Three Men in a Boat, inspiration from the best children's literature like The Wind in the Willows and naturalists such as Richard Jeffries and C. J. Cornish. There are also dark undercurrents from Dickens' use of its of its waters as a symbol of death, Sax Rohmer's Limehouse villain Dr Fu Manchu and the many fictional criminals who dispose of corpses in its sinister depths from the stories of Sherlock Holmes to Inspector Morse. Beautifully illustrated, the Thames is an enduring legend. Illustrated maps on endpapers, 274pp, colour.
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