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Including filmography, bibliographical references and index, this is a highly regarded biography of the film actor (and racing car driver) Steve McQueen (1930-1980). Terrence Steven McQueen was the product of a one night stand that stretched into a year and six months of misery between Terrance William McQueen, a handsome, philandering stunt pilot for a travelling circus, and Jullian Crawford, a teenage alcoholic prostitute. Terrance left, Jullian abandoned Stephen and passed him off to her uncle, the wealthy but emotionally distant Claude Thomson. These early traumatic events helped shape the fragile, needy psyche that for the rest of Steven McQueen's life would bubble just beneath the deceptively smooth surface of his very good-looking exterior. This physically beautiful but emotionally insecure little boy would grow up to become an international movie superstar, loved by millions from afar, but unable to handle intimate commitment and often lash out at those women who tried to love him in real life. As an actor his special and unique talent was his ability to balance his inner emotional rage, distrust of old authority figures and defiance and his cautious, careful, cat-like wariness that so beautifully translated onto the screen as the ultimate in cool. His emotional balancing act gained him the reputation as one of the best practitioners of the then in-vogue acting style of moody, brooding strength that was the bi-product of the so-called Stanislavsky Method. He had studied the Method while a struggling actor in his early New York days and it gave him a disciplined approach to acting. After struggling as a stage and live TV actor, McQueen hit it big in 1958 in the filmed TV series Wanted: Dead or Alive, his gateway to Hollywood and the 28 feature films he would make in his lifetime. After McQueen's comparatively early passing, his image quickly ossified into that of the tough, good-looking, blue-eyed, two-fisted kid, remembered mostly for his physical grace in The Magnificent Seven, his basketball glove and motorcycle rebel POW in The Great Escape, his blue-eyed poker prowess in The Cincinnati Kid, his car-crazy law man in Bullitt, his psychotic, wife-beating ex-con in The Getaway, his obsessive prisoner in Papillon, his heroic fireman in The Towering Inferno. Marc Eliot captures his life from hard scrabble childhood, struggles with drugs and alcohol, three marriages, all told with intimate detail and candour. 353pp, illustrated paperback. Apologies for sticker and tiny remainder mark.
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