BRITISH IN INDIA: A Social History of the Raj

BRITISH IN INDIA: A Social History of the Raj

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Dominic Sandbrook in the Sunday Times wrote: 'Hugely researched and elegantly written, sensitive to the ironies of the past and brimming with colourful details.' David Gilmour's canvas of British India provides the answers in a penetrating and vivid portrait of the British men and women who ran the show from the mid 18th century to 1947. He has taken apart diaries, memoirs, and piles of ribbon-bound letters and creates a fluid narrative detailing how civilian and soldiers, memsahibs and missionaries, planters and box-wallahs and prostitutes lived, loved and died in a strange, faraway and at times hostile land. Who of the British went to India and why? We know about Rudyard Kipling and E. M. Forster, George Orwell and Paul Scott, but what of the youthful forestry official, the enterprising boxwallah or the fervid missionary? What lives did they lead when they got there and what did they think about it? Gilmour captures the substance and texture of their work, home and social lives, and illustrates how these transformed over several centuries of British presence and rule in the subcontinent, from the East India Company's first trading station in 1615 to the twilight of the Raj and Partition and Independence in 1947. He takes us through remote hill stations, bustling coastal ports, opulent palaces, regimented cantonments, and dense jungles, wittily revelling in all the particular concerns and contradictions that were a consequence of British limited perspective. Here are gentlemen cadets, surgeons on horseback, despots in the hills, sappers, the Army in India, officers and the mess, mixed marriages and adulteries, servants and shopping, edibles and drinkables, children, pets, the Club, going native, artists, cricket and death in India. With 68 illustrations, maps, apologies for small remainder mark. 618pp, paperback.
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