Book number: 90434 Product format: Hardback Author: GUILLERMO MARTINEZ
Curiouser and curiouser... Kristen, a researcher for the Lewis Carroll Brotherhood, discovers extraordinary pages from Carroll's diary revealing a hidden chapter of his life: the truth surrounding the writer's real relationship with Alice Liddell which could rock Oxford to its core. However, after an accident, Kristen joins forces with mathematics student G to decipher what shadows lurk behind the salacious pictures sent to the Brotherhood and to survive the murderer circling closer to anyone who delves too far into Carroll's life. No one is safe in this thriller novel by the author of The Oxford Murders, inspired by the strange stories surrounding Carroll's life. Dive into G's mind as you read his observations that take in everything from an illustration of a raven on a noticeboard to the slightest change of mood in his interviewees' expressions. Sit with him in his study as he reads a book on Carroll to try and solve the puzzle: 'To make the DEAD LIVE' which was buried among the Wonderland creator's history of participating in spiritualist gatherings, claiming he had been able to photograph ghosts. Explore G's watering holes across Oxford, from a meeting with an inspector at The Eagle and Child or greeting a professor at the Little Clarendon pub who is holding court with an eager student over a pint of beer. This cerebral and exciting novel from Guillermo Martínez, winner of the Planeta prize, will draw readers into the mystery and have them scouring every page for a clue that will stop the murderer in time. 284pp.
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ISBN 9781408712870
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