CONFESS: The Autobiography

CONFESS: The Autobiography

ROB HALFORD    Book Number: 90427    Product format: Hardback

Lead singer of the Heavy Metal band Judas Priest, Rob Halford quips that growing up next to a smelting plant in Walsall meant his life has always been dominated by Heavy Metal one way or another. By the time Rob was 10 he knew he was gay, but there were some years to go before relations between consenting adults were legalised. Rob's accounts of his early sexual adventures with schoolmates and with pick-ups make interesting reading as typical experiences of gay men at a time when gay sex was driven into back alleys and public lavatories. Rob got a job as a stage hand at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, learning how to work the lights and also how to drink. He joined Judas Priest through a connection of his sister's, and in 1974 with their new Mercedes tour van they went on the road. A contract with CBS changed their fortunes, and in 1978 they all went down to Soho to get their trademark bespoke leather outfits. Soon they were wowing the crowds with "Hell Bent for Leather" and appearing with headliners like Zeppelin, The Clash and Bowie. On stage, Rob dialled up the theatricality with a whip, while the group's merchandise T-shirts announced "I've been whipped by Rob Halford". At Live Aid 1985 Judas Priest followed Crosby, Stills and Nash in the line-up. Rob was in a euphoric state after watching Cher and Madonna and chatting to Jack Nicholson, and at this point he met Brad's eyes across a crowded bar and after a very short interval they were having lustful sex. After what he thought was an idyllic relationship Brad blew his brains out, causing huge pain and distress, but by the end of the book the 70-year old Rob is in a stable long-term relationship with his partner Thomas. 374pp, colour photos.
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