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On 10th January 1918, Lord Curzon, former Viceroy of India, President of the Anti-Suffrage League and Leader of Their Lordships' House, had risen to his feet to wind up the debate on the latest Representation of the People Act. He remained opposed to enfranchising women, but surprisingly abstained from the vote and was branded a coward. Dr Vivien Newman joins arm in arm with some of the formidable women of the pre-First World War suffrage and anti-suffrage movements as, on the declaration of war, they turned their considerable skills, honed after 50 years of active campaigning, to both support of the war and the pursuit of peace. Get to know how they bent politicians' wills to their own, challenged and broke the many role norms of contemporary patriarchal society, raised hundreds of thousands of pounds in voluntary contributions, and helped convince the US public to join the Allied Cause. This book explodes the myth that it was women's war service alone which led to their partial enfranchisement in 1918 as some form of reward from a grateful nation. After five decades of struggling for the vote, we see 70 year old Millicent Fawcett, President of the NUWSS, Mary Ward, the Pankhurst family Emmeline, Christabel and Sylvia becoming evermore frustrated by the lack of progress and Asquith's view that enfranchisement would be 'a political mistake of a very disastrous kind.' With useful glossary of acronyms of the various Leagues, Fellowships and Associations, Hospital Corps, Land Army, Police Service, RAF, War Agricultural Committee and the desperation and hunger for change, deeds not words and votes for women. A thorough examination of the Suffrage Movement before, during and after the Great War and featuring a tapestry of fascinating and formidable women with superb social detail and contemporary politics. 158pp, photos.
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