HMS PICKLE: The Swiftest Ship In Nelson's Trafalgar Fleet

HMS PICKLE: The Swiftest Ship In Nelson's Trafalgar Fleet

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'HMS Pickle may have been a trifling ship, armed with guns no bigger than a general's boots, but she represented a system.' - Professor Andrew Lambert. The curiously named HMS Pickle was the second-smallest British ship in Nelson's fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar. She acquired enduring fame however as the ship that carried Lord Collingwood's dispatch announcing the death, in the midst of battle, of Nelson. As topsail schooner and deemed too small to take part in the line of battle, Pickle and ships like her were essential in the transmission of communication, relaying messages between Admiral and Admiralty. The rapid movement of these ships pioneered an early world wide web of information that helped secure a British victory over Napoleon. Captain Peter Hore describes her beginnings as a civilian vessel, her arming for naval use, and the pivotal role she played in Admiral Cornwallis's inshore squadron keeping watch over the French and Spanish. She endured long, dangerous passages, generally under a full press of sail, officers and men soaked and exhausted by the demands of their task, the ship strained and worn. In command of the Pickle, Lieutenant John Richards Lapenotiere earned a reputation for speed and security and his reputation as a demanding task-master wore out his ship. May the memory of these honourable men go down in history in this full and captivating narrative, a colourful story of one small ship and the courage and resolution of her determined crew. 178pp, 15 illustrations.
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