BE MORE WITCH: How To Find Your Inner Magic

BE MORE WITCH: How To Find Your Inner Magic

ALISON DAVIES    Book Number: 90225    Product format: Hardback

Once persecuted, witches have now been adopted by millennials as a symbol of feminine strength. The book offers a dose of magical escapism to channel determination and positive change through mystical exercises and empowering quotes. Get in tune with the elements, plants, herbs, flowers and of course your spirit animals with these tips, mystical exercises, empowering quotes and spells. There are enchanting ways to spread kindness, self-esteem using a yellow tealight, petals from a sunflower or a handful of sunflower seeds associated with the sun and radiating joy, a piece of citrine, an uplifting stone known as the cuddle quartz, and a sprig of rosemary for personal power. Follow the simple 123 directions and munch on the nutritious sunflower seeds while thinking happy thoughts! Learn about the Ancient Egyptians and the eye of Ra, harness your sixth sense, ask for support from the Greek goddess Hecate or Freya the Norse goddess of love, beauty and war, or Ceridwen, Celtic mother goddess and keeper of the cauldron of wisdom, to give your spells the edge. Sisterhood is spellbinding and fate is at your fingertips now that you have the magical power. 158pp, beautiful, coloured pages and artwork.
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ISBN 9781787133389
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