OLD MAN AND THE KNEE: How to be a Golden Oldie

OLD MAN AND THE KNEE: How to be a Golden Oldie

CHRISTOPHER MATTHEW    Book Number: 90210    Product format: Paperback

By the bestselling author of 'Now We Are Sixty', the comic genius Christopher Matthew although in his 70s is convinced he's not old. Not yet anyway. He plays golf, walks the dog, and no one ever stands up for him on crowded buses or tubes. He has all his own teeth and hair and does not require a hearing aid. In short, he is enjoying late middle age and making the best of it while he can. How though does one know when one is old? Does old age creep up slowly or arrive out of the blue like an outsized pigeon dropping? Will one be able to summon up some half-decent last words, and what should they be? Chapters include Mustn't Grumble, Irritable Vowel Syndrome, A Younger Model, Mens Sana in Corpore Arthritico, You Silly Old Git, Body Language, Decline and Sprawl, Very Feeble on the Rugger Field, Bucket List Bonanza, Grandad Dancing, Organ Recital, A Bite on the Bum, Words of Wisdom, and We Have a Camper Van (and Know How to Use It!) 276pp of mirth. Paperback.
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ISBN 9780349143408
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