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'To my dearest friends a toast, a few short words from your humble host. To friendship, fine wine and a laden table and surrender your keys if you don't feel able!' By the 1800s, toasts had become a part of the etiquette of celebratory gatherings and today from the garden-variety family get-together to weddings and christenings, here are all the dos and don'ts and a fantastic selection of examples to use. For anniversaries to the couple 'To the secret of long and wedded bliss, hark ye all and remember this: don't dwell on the times when he drove you mad, just give her a hug when she's feeling sad, and remember the good and not the bad!' There are 18 other toasts from just that tiny section, and then going into detail from wife to husband, from husband to wife, special anniversaries, before we go on to birthdays, babies, fellow workers, a Christian grace, to host and hostesses, housewarming, Mother's Day, New Years, recovering from illness, retirement, a stag party and even winning the lottery. A toast for every occasion. 120pp, paperback.
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ISBN 9781864765069
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