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At Bibliophile, we adore our canine friends and have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating them in Miranda Hart's book. How the comedian fell in love with her shih-tzu bichon frise cross puppy is a joyful exploration into how a canine companion becomes a lifelong friend. Miranda Hart, known for her comedy show 'Miranda', shares simple lessons learnt through observing Peggy's behaviour, all written in her irreverent, witty style. Discover how Miranda's love of animals began as a child when she religiously filled a sticker book full of pictures of endangered species after discovering the existence of the World Wildlife Fund and chuckle at how this love appeared later in life, whether talking to a seagull (who she named Sid) in Australia or visiting an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai where she had the opportunity to scrub the animals. 'And then along came Peggy...' thanks to the lady who made the costumes for Lee Mack's sitcom Not Going Out which Miranda was acting in. Learn about the conflict of a work-pet life balance when Peggy became ill the first day of an acting job and, on making an appointment at the vet, Miranda was faced with 'Dr Hunky-Viking-Vet'. Uncover the many elements of 'dog-min' such as toilet training Peggy not to soil the kitchen rug and taking her out every two hours to communicate better. Sympathise with the struggles of Peggy making a 'mess' in a hotel room which meant an 'ultimate walk of shame' in pyjamas, odd socks and no shoes in rural Wales. The reader will admire how Peggy reignited Miranda's love of walking around Lake Windermere and kick started her enthusiasm for the outdoors by reconnecting dog owner with nature, even when faced with threats such as a common cow. Read how Peggy tried to follow a strange man home from the park because he was wearing similar clothes to Miranda, to the revelation that the set of Call the Midwife was a joyful hub of dog lovers with Pam Ferris regaling others with stories of her rescue lurcher Stanley, and Jenny Agutter informing all that her dachshund, Tufty, was 'almost certainly Princess Diana incarnate'. Illus, 298pp.
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