LOVE COFFEE: Barista Secrets for Creative Coffee at Home

LOVE COFFEE: Barista Secrets for Creative Coffee at Home

BRYAN SOEDER & KOHEI MATSUNO    Book Number: 90123    Product format: Hardback

Latte Art is the skill of making coffee visually appealing with a pattern on the froth. It signals to the customer that their drink was made with the utmost care, and no two designs are ever the same. The author starts with a gallery of creations from latte artists at the top of their game, then takes the reader through the basics of creating a perfect latte with rich, dark espresso and creamy milk. Pulling a shot of espresso is a skill in itself as you need to tamp all the air out for a rich stream, while using the steam wand to fluff up the foaming milk is another area where practice makes perfect. The simplest way to make a surface pattern is using stencils through which different powders can be shaken, for instance cocoa powder flavoured with sea salt or cinnamon. However, the greatest artistry lies in creating the pattern through coffee pouring. The author describes the basic designs of heart shape, rippled heart with added rings, a Rosetta demanding many quick movements to create the effect of leaves, the tulip, swan and wreath. Etching involves drawing in the surface with a pointed implement, and impressive examples from the Gallery include Van Gogh's "Starry Night" and Hokusai's "Great Wave". Finally there are foam sculptures, including animals and a classic car. 96pp, photos and diagrams in colour.
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