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'She craved the cold camaraderie of intrigue and raced the night to lure a killer? But the one thing she couldn't outrun was the warm whisper of love in her own back seat!' 'Desire Drives the Blackhawk' screams the cover of the Sandman Mystery Theatre No. 47, a reference to earlier pulp noir-romance genres. Death, as envisioned by Neil Gaiman, is a friendly teenage goth girl who ushers people into the afterlife as nicely as possible. Catwoman in skin-tight black latex catsuit with hood and pointed ears, her body curvaceous, has full page colour billing alongside Batgirl, Harley Quinn who got her own monthly comic in 2000, Power Girl who was Superman's cousin, Supergirl pictured in comic strip close ups, Lois Lane Superman's girlfriend and others in the Superman family, Wonder Woman in many depictions who burst onto the scene in 1941 and who was created by a psychologist with a law degree. An official DC Comics publication in huge hard cover with glossy pages, the book uncovers the ground-breaking superwomen who fronted the history of DC Comics and follows the evolution of the super heroine from Wonder Woman to the women of the new Birds of Prey. Discover the creation of comic book spin-offs and the recent wealth of fierce female-driven titles such as Promethea depicted in fantastic pop art posters and a whole new generation of characters like Zatanna Zatara, a powerful wizard, and Preacher, the beautiful blonde in a skin-tight dress and a deadly attitude. The artwork is incomparable featuring women who are beautiful and strong willed by artists including Jim Lee, Alex Ross, Adam Hughes, J. Scott Campbell, Michael Turner, Darwyn Cooke, Jill Thompson and many more. Each cover is annotated with publication year, issue number, series, author, colourist and art information with an in-depth survey of each comic and covers from other DC properties such as gritty fantasy graphic novels of Vertigo and cover girls from Wild Storm, Image, Helix and America's Best Comics. Special US import, 209pp, 24 x 31.4cm. Dripping with colour.
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ISBN 9780785834366
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