BEST OF THE BEATLES: The Sacking of Pete Best

BEST OF THE BEATLES: The Sacking of Pete Best

SPENCER LEIGH    Book Number: 90090    Product format: Paperback

The journalist and author Spencer Leigh was born in Liverpool and has been broadcasting his weekly show 'On the Beat' on BBC Radio Merseyside for more than 25 years and conducted more interviews about the band than anyone in the world. He asks why Pete Best was sacked from the Beatles and in his unique book gathers the clues to try and solve the greatest Beatles mystery of all. On 16th August 1962, the Beatles drummer Pete Best went to see their manager Brian Epstein in his Liverpool office. He thought that Epstein wanted to discuss future bookings with him, but instead Epstein sacked him. Pete had not seen it coming. Why did Epstein do it and not the Beatles themselves? Why did they want to be rid of him? Why did they do it so callously? Pete never spoke to any of them again. Written with a close and personal knowledge of Liverpool during the Merseybeat era and personal contact over the years with those involved, this is a revised and updated edition of a previous book entitled 'Drummed Out!' published in 1988. The book begins with a potted history of the band, the early days of the Quarry Men, John's ruthless side of replacing musicians and that George Martin told Epstein he would use a session drummer when the band made records to replace Pete Best. But could it be that Pete was unreliable, didn't fit in and refused to get a Beatles haircut as well? 168pp, paperback.
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