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With his blockbusting novels, films, blogs, cartoon art, guest appearances on The Simpsons and authorship of two episodes of Doctor Who, the fantasy and sci-fi maestro Neil Gaiman has excelled at everything he does, developing a huge cult following and being showered with awards like confetti. For this big book his childhood friend Hayley Campbell has sifted through all the boxes in Gaiman's attic home, unearthing many revealing notes, drawings, post-its, scrawls and scribbles. Gaiman is "an incredible storyteller with a beautiful heart and the ability to make you fall in love with anything at all". Early influences were the fantasies of Lewis Carroll, Ray Bradbury, C.S. Lewis and above all the early 20th century fantasy writer G.K. Chesterton, who gave him the trademark idea of London as a mythical place where magical things can happen, while a huge later influence was Alan Moore. Starting as a journalist with a special interest in Douglas Adams, Gaiman launched his career as a comic novelist on the magazine 2000 AD, teaming up with artist Dave McKean for the underworld novel Violent Cases. Collaboration with McKean led to his break into the American market, first with Black Orchid and then the iconic Sandman with its central character Death, imagined as a charismatic female Goth of the punk era. For the first time young women were buying comic books in millions. Gaiman's move to America led to American Gods, an immigrant's view of that great world power. Collaborations have included a concept album with Alice Cooper, Tori Amos writing Gaiman and his Dream King into a song, and his famous joint authorship of Good Omens with Terry Pratchett. Published in 2014 and with superb archive images on every page, this is a must for Gaiman fans. 20.3 x 25.4cm, 320pp.
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