SINFONIA EROICA: The First Great Romantic Symphony

SINFONIA EROICA: The First Great Romantic Symphony

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Ludwig van Beethoven's Third Symphony 'The Eroica' was intellectually and emotionally revolutionary music. It rudely broke the mould of the Viennese Classical Symphony and revealed a new and powerful expressiveness of both a personal and the avant-garde society of Germany. The symphony carried an earnest message that was easy to associate with numerous concepts such as Will and Triumph and even the Brotherhood of Man. The whiff of actual political revolution was woven into the work, for it was originally inscribed to Napoleon Bonaparte, a dangerous hero for a composer dependent on conservative royal patronage. This was something quite new, and after those first two stunning chords, music after 1805 was never the same again. This richly lyrical meditation begins with The Boy from Bonn, Prometheus, Constructing a Symphony, it asks who was the real hero of the 'Eroica', its initial reception, and the symphonic ideal that it became. Beautifully illustrated with full page colour images of Bonaparte, the composer's grandfather, the arrival of Prince Maximilian Franz in 1870 by Rousseau and presented on 192 quality pages complete with facsimile of scores, sketches and more.
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