LETTERS TO YOU: Write and Share

LETTERS TO YOU: Write and Share

VANESSA BATTERSBY    Book Number: 90056    Product format: Hardback

The simple joy of receiving a handwritten letter is hard to beat. Letter writing can be calming, almost meditative, helping with issues and becoming wonderful time capsules of memory and meaning. Each of the six blank letters in a section of this special scrap book will inspire you: To the people who raised me... I want you to know... Fold down the piece of writing paper and write a letter to your favourite aunt, even if they are dead and gone, and in this way you can express your thoughts. If you are actually going to send, simply tear off along the perforated strips, fold and write the address on the envelope it becomes, prettily decorated with birds and the words Date Written... To Be Read... My favourite childhood memory is, I wish you were here to long lost lovers, partners or friends, Open this letter when... The next section is to the loves of my life. The stationery changes to more lilac colours, hearts and prompts letters sharing adventures and what you are grateful for. The next section is To the children in my life, with bunting and a fresh colour stationery and a hedgehog and snail stamp on the envelope side of the writing paper. To my friends is decorated with butterflies, to the people who inspire me decorated with duck egg blue Wedgwood style stationery and finally to my future self, decorated with astrological symbols, the sun, stars and moon setting out your goals and memories. 36 beautifully designed tear-out letters folding into its own envelope and 36 glamorous stickers to seal them including dragonflies and a medieval dark red seal. 16 pages of letter writing tips and inspiration and six storage pockets for letters to send or read later and letters received from others. The whole album is heavyweight, and beautifully bound and bound with rope. 25.5 x 21cm.
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ISBN 9781488933608
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