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Sub-titled 'Shopkeepers, The Sharmas and the Making of Modern Britain', this was a BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week, full of characters, gossip and the richness of a local community. Britain is a nation of shopkeepers, and the story of our corner shops is the story of who we are from the general stores of the first half of the 20th century to the reimagined corner shops run by immigrants from India, East Africa and Eastern Europe since the 1960s. Babita Sharma was raised in a corner shop in Reading, and over the counter watched a changing world from the clientele to the products to the politics of the day. Along with the skills to perfectly mop a floor and stack a shelf, she gained a unique insight into a shifting landscape and an institution that, despite the creep of supermarkets, online shopping and delivery, has found a way to evolve and survive, particularly so in the last year as we all know. 'I've seen you on a Sunday morning, nipping out to get a pint of milk or to grab a newspaper, thinking no one would notice the oversized coat you grabbed in a hurry, your mismatched pyjamas or your dog-eaten trainers... For more than a decade, we, a family of five, ate, slept, and worked in a corner shop. We served you and you gave us business but there was a world beyond the counter that you never knew.' 'The cold store had an unpleasant smell of aging cheese and raw meat. It was fine for dead things but not for a 13 year old who was led inside by her older sister who then slammed the door shut.' The author is a Pakistani journalist and BBC presenter who mentors BAME journalists. 261pp.
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