FLIGHT: The Evolution of Aviation

FLIGHT: The Evolution of Aviation

STEPHEN WOOLFORD & CARL WARNER    Book Number: 89899    Product format: Hardback

Watching birds has always made man eager to take to the skies and here is a superb visual survey from the Montgolfier Brothers who experimented with hot air-filled silk bags, 'The father of aviation' George Cayley (1773-1857) with his monoplane designs here reproduced in facsimile, the Wright Brothers who eagerly followed the fortunes of pioneers such as Otto Lilienthal and the first English Channel flight by Louis Blériot. Rare archival photographs, newspaper front pages, coloured postcards, posters, here is the aeroplane going to war, Geoffrey de Havilland, one of aviation's great design and manufacturing pioneers, the World Wars, industry aircraft and air forces and aviation throughout the 20th century, airships and flying boats, the Heavies and the bombers, the heroes of air war over land and sea. There are spectacular images of aircraft and onlookers, a test flight of a Ballistic Missile, the space race, and even a NASA extravehicular mobility unit, otherwise known as a spacesuit design complete with labels. The story is taken right through to modern airpower, Lear jets and even the destruction of the Twin Towers photographed. Witness the daring exploits and dangerous challenges in this beautifully illustrated book published 50 years on from the maiden flights of Boeing 747 and Concorde. Rare photos, historical documents, colour. 160pp, 24.8 x 28.6cm.
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