BEST OF PUNCH CARTOONS: 2000 Humour Classics

BEST OF PUNCH CARTOONS: 2000 Humour Classics

EDITED BY HELEN WALASEK    Book Number: 89895    Product format: Hardback

Punch is a national treasure, a British institution that has amused generations of readers for over 160 years. This is the largest selection of cartoons ever published in one entire volume celebrating the long and rich heritage of British humour. The first facsimile illustration occupying one whole large page is for the January 6th 1849 edition. It has attracted some of the finest comic writers in the English language from William Thackeray to P. G. Wodehouse and Alan Coren, while its legendary political cartoons by giants like Tenniel and Partridge swayed the governments of the day. Here are witty cartoons from the pens of the great - Leech, Du Maurier, Phil May, H. M. Bateman, Pont, E. H. Shepard, Fougasse, Emett, Anton, Thelwell, Searle and Heath, Peter Birkett and our dear friend Tony Husband among them. New technological change in the 19th century with laboursaving devices, making a mockery of a versatile and charming actress (George Morrow 1907) on page 42, social stigma, attitudes and observations, sport and recreation, British life unfolds through these witty pens as we move through the decades, wars, and changing times. We still love the one of three Daleks at the bottom of a staircase: 'Well, this certainly buggers our plan to conquer the Universe.' With index, a massive 608 page tome and details of how to purchase archive quality prints from the collection. The definitive collectable updated edition.
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