CARTHAGE: Fact and Myth

CARTHAGE: Fact and Myth

EDITED BY ROALD DOCTER ET AL    Book Number: 89826    Product format: Hardback

A rare 2015 Dutch publication which has used a vast array of objects on loan from exhibitions throughout Europe including the British Museum and the National Carthage Museum at the Louvre, the English translation is by Beverley Jackson. From Phoenicia, place of transit to trading nation, Punic Carthage, the Punic writing system, the Tophet of Carthage, Egyptian influence, maritime power, the local Libyan-Numidian population, of course the Punic Wars, the Mahdia shipwreck, history and monuments, Christianity, Dido and Hannibal through Western eyes, foreigners and the rediscovery of Carthage, reflections in 19th, 20th and 21st century art, films, comics and games and into the 21st century and the timeless message, and lastly literature are the topics of this sweeping and enjoyable graphic history. Carthage is mainly known as the city that was utterly destroyed by the Romans in 146BC, the centre of a far-flung trade network in the Mediterranean. Founded by Phoenician migrants in what is now Tunisia, the city's strategic location was key to its success. The city was rebuilt by the Emperor Augustus. Leading experts contribute and there are superb colour photographs and artefacts throughout these 144 large glossy pages, 21 x 28cm.
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