SKYMEADOW: Notes From An English Gardener

SKYMEADOW: Notes From An English Gardener

CHARLIE HART    Book Number: 89814    Product format: Paperback

'A love letter to English horticulture written by a passionate gardener.' - Jane Perrone. When Charlie Hart first visited Peverels, a small farmhouse that sits lazily on the lip of a hill running down into the Peb Valley, he was at breaking point, grieving the loss of his father and anxious about the impending death of his mother. He and his wife Sybilla felt that their London life had been steadily growing in noise - the noise of grief, of business, the noise that comes from the expectations of others and, for Charlie, the constant clamour of dissatisfaction at work. At Peverels Charlie found an expanse of untouched meadowland, the perfect setting for an audacious garden. He felt an unquenchable urge to dig and create something and spent days wrestling with the soil in the rose garden, mourning the loss of his parents. Gardening has taught him that you can dig for victory, but you can also dig for mental health and as the garden formed around him, Charlie buried his fears and anxieties in it. His book seamlessly weaves his own memoir with that of a garden in a lyrical and incisive story of the healing powers of digging and ultimately a celebration of nature. The cast including his adorable wife, four very young children and a floating population of dogs and cats provide an enchanting picture of family life. Every flower and every passing bud, every change in the season is described poetically and with rapture. 278pp, paperback.
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