NAPOLEON: His Life, His Battles, His Empire

NAPOLEON: His Life, His Battles, His Empire

DAVID CHANTERANNE & E. PAPOT    Book Number: 89696    Product format: Hardback

A richly illustrated look at an illustrious life featuring stunning artworks, sketches and photographs, and facsimiles of painstakingly researched documents including the Treaty of Campo Formio, signed by Napoleon, love letters to Josephine, his proclamation to his troops before the Battle of Austerlitz, and the codicil to the great man's will. This exquisitely designed and produced book offers an unprecedented visual insight into the mind of this extraordinary man who, from modest beginnings in Corsica, became Emperor of France and its vast empire. It examines the battles that made him a legend - Marengo, Austerlitz, Jena and Wagram, at the Peninsular War, the Austrian campaign, the 1813 campaign right through to betrayal and abdication and his death. It looks at his social and political reforms which revolutionised the Western world and of course the very famous events like the Siege of Toulon, the Egyptian expedition, marriage to Josephine, divorce and remarriage and Saint Helena - he had probably expected to be exiled to the United States with his brother Joseph on surrendering to the English. Amazing to see his own handwriting on his Declaration of Abdication in 1815 or on the Decree awarding him the Legion d'Honneur, 1808. 160 large and beautiful pages, 25 x 22.3cm.
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