GHOST STORY DICE: The Storytelling Game

GHOST STORY DICE: The Storytelling Game

HANNAH WALDRON & I. STARZINSKY    Book Number: 89679    Product format: Hardback

Inside a glow-in-the-dark box are nine illustrated nice-sized wooden dice picturing bats, a bed, a black cat, a broken down car, a book of spells, a bonfire, a candle, Frankenstein's Monster, a full Moon, a graveyard, a magic potion, a mirror, a portrait, a skull, a secret tunnel, a raven and dozens more. You can play this game on your own or with any number of players. First, roll all eight story dice, keeping the red super-powers die for later. Then weave together your very own magical adventure involving the people, places and objects shown on the dice. To make the game more challenging, try telling the story using each image in the order it is rolled, or make the game even scarier passing the story from one player to the next. With instruction booklet, boxed and CE safety approved.
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ISBN 9781856699815
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