EINSTEIN: The Man, the Genius and the Theory of Relativity

EINSTEIN: The Man, the Genius and the Theory of Relativity

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Written by the first author allowed access to his private papers, and with fascinating imagery and accounts from his friends and family, the private aspects of Albert Einstein's life are illuminated just as much as his science. From his youth and experiments in Germany, followed by his struggle to find work at the Swiss Patent Office, and his marriages and children, chapters include The Miracle Years of Quantum Theory and Special Relativity, The Berlin Years of General Relativity, Divorce and Remarriage, Einstein In America, The Nobel Prize, Quantum Mechanics, Einstein and Religion and the Rise of Hitler. Finally we look at the Princeton Years in America, the Bomb, Arms Control, Civil Rights, Israel and the Red Scare and Einstein's role in the development of the atomic bomb and his work for the Civil Rights of African Americans. The book is a celebration of the scientist whose name is synonymous with intelligence and ingenuity and who contributed more to theoretical physics than anyone else in the last 150 years. 160pp, 24 x 19cm with hundreds of illustrations and facsimile reproductions of posters, private letters, newspapers and handwritten theories.
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