LETHAL SHOT: A Royal Marine Commando in Action

LETHAL SHOT: A Royal Marine Commando in Action

SERGEANT ROB DRISCOLL    Book Number: 89627    Product format: Hardback

Former sergeant with 42 Commando, Royal Marines, Rob Driscoll served tours in Iraq, Kuwait and Kosovo. He also endured three tours in Afghanistan and the third of those will go down in history as one of the UK military's darkest hours. It marked for the first time a British serviceman had been tried for murder on the battlefield since WWII. That man was 'Marine A', Sergeant Alexander Blackman, Rob Driscoll's friend and fellow NCO in 42 Commando. On the day in question they were commanding patrols within a few hundred yards of each other. Few men knew what really went on that day in Helmand Province. Rob is one and, like Blackman, knew only too well the privations and frustrations of fighting a ubiquitous and tenacious enemy with insufficient resources and support. This book is more than a compelling insight into one of the most controversial and divisive cases in recent military history; it is a clear-eyed account of life on active service, of incursions into war-torn countries where chaos and anarchy ruled, and of men risking their lives daily only to find out that they would not be backed up by politicians at home. It also demonstrates the real-life horrors of engaging at close quarters with enemies such as the Taliban. Driscoll received a Mention in Despatches for his last tour of 'Afghan' (2011). Chapters include Fire A Lethal Shot, We Need to Move the Watermelons, Blue Shirts Down, The Americans Have Landed, We Used to be the Hunters, That Would Be Illegal. With useful glossary of anacronyms and eight pages of colour photos. 331pp.
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