SECRET LIBRARY: A Book-Lovers' Journey

SECRET LIBRARY: A Book-Lovers' Journey

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Bibliophiles are in wonderfully good company as we rummage the more neglected items among the bookshelves of the world. You'll learn about the forgotten Victorian novelist who outsold Dickens, the woman who became the first published poet in America, and the eccentric traveller who introduced the table-fork to England. Edgar Allan Poe's only successful book in his lifetime was a non-fiction work on snails; the oldest surviving joke book is 1,500 years old; as well as writing The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer also wrote the first science book in English. Charles Dickens's wife wrote a cookbook under the name Lady Maria Clutterbuck. There is a world of difference between Mary Shelley's original 1818 novel Frankenstein and the countless films that have been inspired by it, but then the book is always accompanied by misreading's and misapprehensions. Organised by The Classical World, The Middle Ages, The Renaissance, The Age of Enlightenment, The Age of Romanticism, The Victorians, The Americans, On the Continent and The Modern World, we explore a variety of books from novels, plays, travel books, science books to cookbooks, joke books and sports almanacs. This fascinating book also reveals the surprising connections between various works and historical figures. What links Homer's Iliad to Aesop's Fables, or Wisden Cricketers' Almanack to the creator of Sherlock Holmes? Ah, the smell of old books! 256pp to dip into and browse.
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