KITCHEN HACKS: Uncommon Solutions to Common Problems

KITCHEN HACKS: Uncommon Solutions to Common Problems

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Save leftover wine by freezing it into ice cubes to use in future stews and sauces; preserve fresh herbs by freezing them in olive oil and pop the cubes straight in the pan when ready to use from the ice cube tray. Easily remove stray eggshell pieces by scooping them up with another eggshell! Hey presto! Slice through soft cheeses and cakes using unflavoured dental floss! Remove the hull of a strawberry by poking a straw through the centre from tip to stalk. Squeeze lemons over a cheese grater to catch the seeds! Put salt in empty food containers to absorb residual smells. Peel ginger more efficiently by scraping the skin off with the edge of a spoon. Release the seal on a new jar by slowly pulling the lid upwards with a bottle opener. Place a damp tea towel beneath a chopping board to stop it from sliding as you chop. Scour said wooden cutting board with coarse sea salt and half a lemon to remove ingrained dirt and smells. De-crystalise honey by submerging the sealed jar in a bowl of hot water. Microwave lemons and limes for just ten seconds to get more juice out of them. Wrap the stems of your bananas in clingfilm to keep them fresher longer. Use the clip off a cheap old trouser hanger to seal packets of food. These surprisingly easy and crafty ways to hack your kitchen are tried and tested - the book is the best thing to happen to your kitchen since sliced bread! 30 tips. Big glossy colourful pages with huge text and colourful photographs.
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