52 THINGS TO DO WHILE YOU POO: The Colouring Book

52 THINGS TO DO WHILE YOU POO: The Colouring Book

HUGH JASSBURN    Book Number: 89504    Product format: Paperback

Every toilet should have a copy of this book next to it, because while perching on the porcelain (which can be very boring), you may have nothing to do but poo. But fear not, this colouring compendium will make use of those dull moments on the khazi. Grab your crayons and colour away the beautiful line art of kangapoos (yes leaping kangaroos doing their doodoos), the cleaning cupboard (mops etc), poo-paper pattern (decorate your sheets) and can you see Uranus in the starry, celestial collage? There is mucking timeout at the zoo with animals galore, bathroom wallpaper, a word cloud (backside, behind, tush, butt, rump etc.), piles of Y-front pants, a fly feeding frenzy, a poodle, a medieval mess (a cluster of medieval townhouses with people throwing out their slops) - I think you get the picture. Very funny, 100 designs, 112pp in softback. At this price if you ran out of loo paper you could tear a sheet from your new colouring book and individually decorate! 14.6cm square.
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ISBN 9781849539340
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