THE JOB: A Fox and O'Hare Mystery

THE JOB: A Fox and O'Hare Mystery

JANET EVANOVICH & LEE GOLDBERG    Book Number: 89458    Product format: Paperback

Catching bad guys is what Special Agent Kate O'Hare does. Working side by side with them, not so much. When the FBI teamed her up with master criminal Nick Fox, they gave her no choice. Now the ex-Navy Seal has a world-class conman as a partner and keeping track of him is a full-time job. Especially when Fox is caught on camera stealing a priceless work of art, taking him right from being the FBI's most covert operative back to the top of America's most wanted list. Only Kate suspects all is not what it seems. Nick Fox is no common thief, and snatch and grab just isn't his style. Someone is setting him up and it's down to Kate to figure out why before Nicolas Fox, master of disguise, is beaten at his own game. Lies, hustles and high-stake take-downs, it's all in a days work when Fox and O'Hare get the job. Romantic and gripping, fast and funny, the banter and thrills are non-stop. 325pp, paperback.
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ISBN 9781472284358
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