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Steve Ross was born Szmulek Rozental near Lodz, Poland, in 1931. Aged just eight when the Nazis invaded his village, he spent the next six years in a day-to-day struggle to survive in the ten concentration camps to which he was transported, Auschwitz and Dachau among them. Liberated by the US Army from Dachau on 29 April 1945, starving to death and not even aware of his own age and with his entire family bar his brother Herzil murdered, he was allowed to emigrate to the US after the end of the war to begin a new life. Having cheated death countless times, including being thrown semi-conscious onto a pile of bodies due to be cremated in the morning and rescued by persons unknown in the night, this was an outcome never dreamt possible. He learned, from his darkest experiences, observing and enduring unimaginable cruelty and receiving and offering compassion and help from fellow prisoners, of the capacity for humans to rise above even the bleakest circumstances. In America he devoted himself to underprivileged youth, so that, despite the obstacles in their lives, they would never suffer as he had and for 40 years as a psychologist in Boston city schools that is exactly what he did. At the end of his career he spearheaded the creation of the New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston, a site visited by millions every year. This memoir, heartrending and brutal as it certainly is, is also inspiring. To survive such treatment is one thing and anyone would have every reason to hate, fear and withdraw, but to rise above it all and dedicate one's life to fighting prejudice and building a kinder and more hopeful world is truly remarkable. With 8 pages of b/w photos, 266pp.
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from Anonymous on 17/05/2021
Very harrowing story, hard to read at times but it's fulfilling when you do.
It speaks volumes about the human spirit.
Should be on the school curriculum.