RETRO PIN UPS PORTFOLIO: Eight High-Quality Art Prints

RETRO PIN UPS PORTFOLIO: Eight High-Quality Art Prints

THE GIFTED STATIONERY COMPANY    Book Number: 89214    Product format: Hardback

Two of the images are by Gil Elvgren which epitomise the slim young beautiful woman wearing black stockings and suspenders, dress flying high in the wind, in the first image Aiming High the blonde is shooting a bow and arrow as the maple leaves fall and in the second a brunette is fanning a barbecue with her dress, showing her thigh. Platinum Blonde by Bill Randall from 1950 depicts a long haired beauty skimpily clad in yellow see through negligee a little bit like Peter Darro's pin-up where the thighs, tiny waist and even nipples on the pert breasts are celebrated. Peter Driben's Roping the Horse sees a cowgirl wearing fringed knickers, polka dot black stockings and garters and white ankle cowboy boots astride a perplexed looking wooden rocking horse. The last two images in the set are a blonde trying to cover herself with a tiny pink towel, her puppy dog at her high-heeled pink shoed-feet, and a brunette Fixing Her Hair by Joyce Ballantyne from 1950 in a floral boudoir scene. Ready for framing, these individual quality art prints measure 34 x 24cm and come in a huge hardboard folder for safekeeping with satin tie. Delicious colour.
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ISBN 9781800548220
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